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Vision & Mission

Now when they saw their boldness and confidence… were astounded and recognized that these men had been with Jesus Acts 4:13

We are living in one of the most unique times in history. During our lifetime there will be more people living on the planet than have ever lived in all the previous years combined. This means that this is one of the finest hours for the Body of Christ to take the powerful message of the Gospel across the globe. People are hungry for purpose, hope, and solutions to life’s daunting challenges.  We have never before had such an abundant opportunity to reach a lost world and fulfill our ministry of reconciliation.

Will the Church be ready? Will we be prepared?

One of the answers that God has to those questions is Restorative Christian University. The church must be relevant while presenting the unwavering solutions that this world is longing for.  Come and be equipped!
RCU is committed to the purpose of training, educating, and equipping believers 18 years and older who will be known not only for their proficiency in the Word but as men and women who have been with Jesus. 

Our courses are Bible centered, and we endeavor to create in our students hunger for God’s Word, burning passion to see God’s Kingdom established, and proficiency in the declaration of the Gospel through proper communication skills.
Our programs are 100% self-paced degree programs: study anytime, study anywhere. You choose a schedule that is convenient for you. Although you study at your own pace, there is always access to a personal Academic Advisor who will assist you when needed.

Regardless of the stage of life you find yourself in, studies through RCU will strengthen you in your leadership role, equip your vocational and lay staff, and help prepare you to answer your call to ministry in the church or on the mission field.

Meet The President

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Dr. Caleen M. Williams/President

Meet The Directors & Advisors

Bishop Richard Notice

Dr. Mark Jones

Bishop Delton Collins

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