How do I start?

Start at our enroll page (here) and complete the online application or downloadable application. Your application may be mailed it to RCU’s address along with the necessary fees.

When can I start?

Immediately! Because there is no physical classroom to attend, there is no set schedule that you must conform to. As soon as you receive your course materials, you may begin. Your studies continue at your own pace until you complete them. To submit an application, click on the following link:

How do I order courses online?

Yes, and it’s very easy. Simply email us a list of the courses that you would like to order and one of our Academic Advisors will assist you with ordering your courses.

Is the program completely online?

All of the books and videos that make up the course materials will be shipped or emailed to you. Then you will be able to correspond with your instructor online, or by any other method you choose. You may also submit your coursework via email. All course work can be done from the comfort of your home.

Is RCU accredited?

Yes. RCU is accredited by the National Bible College Association- an accrediting commission of Christian colleges and university. ​A Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselor's association (NCCA). NCCA is the largest educational and training association of Christian counselors in the world. ​Exempt by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board -THECB, as a degree-granting Religious Institution based on Texas Education Code 61.304 And 61.313​ Exempt as a private University that awards recognized degree programs by the Texas Workforce Commission- TWC under the Texas Education Code, Section 132.002 (a) (6). School #E5368​

What are the days and times for Clinical Supervisions?

Clinical Supervision is available to all counseling students Mondays & Fridays from 9am – 6pm and on Thursdays11am- 8pm CST.

Is a Thesis required for a Masters Degree?

Yes. A thesis is required for all Master Degrees. To take a look at our degree descriptions, follow the link below

Is a Dissertation required for a PhD?

Yes. A dissertation is required for all PhDs. To take a look at our degree descriptions, follow the link below.

What other schools will accept a degree from RCU?

Schools that are members of NBCA (our accreditation body) will normally accept our degrees and credits. Please note however, that acceptance of transfer credits and degrees from RCU to other institutions is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution.

Do you accept credit transfers?

Yes. Students who have studied Bible, Theology, Pastoral Counseling or Christian Ministry at other institutions and wish to transfer credits to RCU must have their official transcripts sent to our office for review. Courses will be examined individually and must be deemed identical or very similar in content to courses offered at RCU. Usually a maximum of 30 semester credits may be transferred for undergraduate and 15 for graduate degrees.

How much is tuition?

All financial information about degree programs can be found by clicking on the link below.

Does RCU offer any scholarships?

Yes. In honor of the founder’s mentor, RCU offers a partial scholarship to two individuals yearly based upon the availability of scholarship funds. Please contact the office if you would like more info.

Do you offer financial aid?

We do not offer financial aid, however, we do offer flexible payment plans to fit all our students’ needs. To find information about payment plans offered, click here.

What if my question isn’t listed?

Fill out the contact form on the contact us page with your question