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Courses Offered

Your Journey Begins Here

Are you looking for a degree program that will enhance your ministry and help you fulfill your calling? RCU will help you design a program to fit your individual needs.

 Our programs are 100% self-paced degree programs: study anytime, study anywhere. You choose a schedule that is convenient for you. Although you study at your own pace, there is always access to a personal Academic Advisor who will assist you when needed

Below are descriptions of our degree programs as well as a list of all degrees we offer.

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies degree programs are designed to give the student a strong foundation and deeper understanding of Biblical Truths. This understanding helps students prepare for various ministry positions, working in missions, and helps you with your own spiritual formation, which can help you better prepare to serve in either a Christian ore secular environment. ​


Ministry degree programs are designed to equip the student to minister either as a Pastor or help support the Pastoral Staff within the church.  This program specifically equips students to minister to the body of Christ and deals with Church growth and development as well as with community outreach. 


Evangelism degree programs are designed to equip the student to be the voice and feet of the Gospel by going into all the world and powerfully proclaiming the Good News, to actively reach out to a lost and dying world. This program addresses the spiritual foundation needed to evangelize both at home and abroad. 

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling degree programs are designed to equip students with a tested, proven method of pastoral counseling that will enhance their effectiveness and proficiency within the ministry of counseling. These tools provide powerful, deep insights into the mind, will, and emotions of those who seek your counsel.

Associate Degree Programs 

✔  Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

✔ Associate of Arts in Ministry

✔Associate of Arts in Evangelism

Master Degree Programs 

All Masters level Degree plans are post Bachelor’s Degree

 ✔ Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

✔ Master of Arts in Evangelism

✔ Master or Arts in Ministry

✔ Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Bachelor Degree Programs 

 ✔ Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

✔ Bachelor of Arts in Evangelism

✔ Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

✔ Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

Doctorate Degree Programs

All Doctorate level Degree plans are post Master’s Degree

 ✔ Doctor of Evangelism

✔ Doctor of Biblical Studies

✔ Doctor of Ministry

✔ Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

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