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Our counseling programs are both clinical and spiritual in nature.
Designed to help our clients navigate the adverse affects of life, they
will take you through the process of emotional and spiritual healing,
thereby finding resolution to inner conflicts. You will learn how to use
healthy solutions during unexpected and stressful developments, and
will learn to pursue your own personal development, taking
ownership of your own wellbeing.

Temperament Therapy
Temperament Therapy

TT is based on the theory of temperament (understanding of the inner
man) and the use of this knowledge to help us understand ourselves.
It allows us to be the best that God created us to be by meeting our
emotional, physical, and spiritual needs equally and scripturally.
When our need areas are met, we are less likely to fall into an area of
weakness where we are prone to internal stress. In order to do this
we must identify our needs, pinpoint the ones that are currently
causing our issues, and replace them using godly method. Once you
complete the short questionnaire, we will generate a report and we
will review the report with you.

Pre martial 
Pre martial 

The coming together of two distinct individuals into a marriage,
forming one unit, is the beginning of a journey to form one heart and
one desire towards God and one another. In order to start on a firm
foundation, we seek to establish a Christ- centered view and to
examine what a godly marriage will look like in your lives. Using
temperament therapy, we examine each of you as an individual, and
help you understand each other needs and desires. In addition, we
delineate potential issues that can arise in marriage while exploring
ways in which you can navigate them.

Marriage and Family
Marriage and Family

Marriage and family systems can be some of the most intricate and, at
times, most complicated relationships in life. Though a gift from God,
they require check ups and maintenance work from time to time to
remain healthy. Counselors at Restorative Christian Counseling are
equipped and trained to work through multiple issues including
emotionally destructive relationships, childhood behavioral concerns,
codependence, stress, anxiety, marital conflict, communication,
separation, divorce contemplation, pornography, infidelity, resolving past
wounds, divorce recovery, and preparing for remarriage.

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